About EcoRefurb

MISSION | To give a new life to IT devices, by making available high-quality refurbished equipments

VISION | We believe that everyone should access technology. Green IT will enhance the comunities standard of living while protecting the environment

VALUES | Social and environmental responsibility | cooperation |Accuracy and availability


With a diversified portfolio, Ecorefurb is wDMI’s brand for the national and international market of refurbished equipments.

Refurbishing is the treatment given to essentially intact equipments that completed their financial cycle (renting) on large public and private institutions.

Refurbishing criteria is narrow, ensuring the final customer that the equipments meet the Microsoft standards.

Ecorefurb is the reflex of wDMI’s compliance with Microsoft Refurbisher Program and, therefore, the only refurbishing brand allowed in Portugal. It is also the only refurbishing brand that complies with the legal requirements of market placement of electronics (Ecotax).