Ecorefurb Refurbishment

This is how we bring a “used” computer into the new generation

Our experience has teach us to improve our continuum learning, strengthening our staff and learning with our business partners. All that because we want to deliver, to its second owner, a product no different from a new one… except the price!

Visual testing and grading |
We only work with mint devices, labelled GRADE A. We do not paint our equipment in any situation.
Cleaning |
Each device is thoroughly cleaned from the inside out, using specific cleaning agents and techniques, therefore removing any debris or dust. Broken or missing parts are replaced, assuring that our “technology good as new” standards are complied.
Professional Data Wiping |
Making sure the hard drive is wiped clean and, if needed, replacing faulty components.
Technical screening |
We use an innovative software to assure component quality. Whenever needed, it is at this stage that we upgrade the equipment with new hard drives or RAM to achieve desired performance.
Installation and final testing |
The hardware has passed all testing at this point and the device is now ready for Windows 10 and drivers injection and deployment. All accessories like power cables, power supply units and batteries are now tested.
Packaging |
All devices are securely packaged in a new package box before being shipped to our customers.