PREMIUM HARDWARE | Reliable, Functional, Long lasting

The brands we work with are huge manufacturers that combine high quality materials as a result of their concern with long term use.

Therefore, the componentes are apt for second ownership use, in an office, at home or at school.


EcoRefurb devices are no diferente than those usually found on IT Stores. A notebook is a notebook, a desktop is a desktop, a printer is a printer, a screen is a screen.

At first glance, the only difference is the price. However, the detailed eye of a trained professional is able to detect even the tiniest flaws.

Based on this analisys, every Ecorefb device is Grade A. This means that on the inside, the componentes are healthy, and on the outside, there is no need for aesthetical refurbishing, like painting, for exemple.

Also, thanks to the inovation provided by our exclusive software in Portugal we can assure the health of every componente:

•   Battery ware (Fails if it cannot achieve required settings)

•   HDD (0 sector errors assurance)

•   RAM

•   GPU and/or Graphics Card

•   Ethernet interfaces

•   Keyboards (notebooks only)

The test results are shared with the costumer by searching the Serial Number on our website.

EcoRefurb’s clients dedicate themselves to usage. We take care of the rest!

Brand Assurance.

The manufacturer behind the new technology

About 98% of all EcoRefurb devices come from proven manufacturers on both reliability and durability.