EcoRefurb is a brand specialized in refurbished hardware for a new generation, with less costs for the user and for the environment. Founded in 2015, it is the only portuguese company authorized by Microsoft for its Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program.

Operating in the national and international market, EcoRefurb offers a diverse range of refurbished equipment, from computers to printers, monitors and servers. With customer satisfaction as the main focus of the brand and obeying rigorous equipment refurbishing criteria, the purpose is to ensure that it meets all parameters of performance and excellence to meet consumer expectations.

In addition to the quality of its products, EcoRefurb also excels in its strong concern for environmental sustainability. The renovation and reuse of the equipment saves tons of CO2 emissions, thousands of liters of water and other raw materials annually, significantly reducing the ecological footprint. Starting with the company's internal policies and ending with the awareness of its customers, the brand's purpose is to contribute to a more ecological world and pave the way for a more intelligent and sustainable technological consumption.

EcoRefurb History

Get to know a little more about the milestones of our sustainable path!


Brand Foundation

Here our journey for a greener Planet began!

Strengthening the Positioning

Affirmation of the brand as a leader in Portugal in the refurbished market.
May 2018

Brand Internationalization

With our strong position in the Portuguese market, we started to expand the brand to the international market, being present in several countries.
November 2019

ISO Certifications

EcoRefurb holds ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment) and 27001 (information security) certifications.
April 2020

Front Line Covid-19

EcoRefurb imported thousands of refurbished equipment to get the necessary material to schools/public entities in a timely manner, in order to meet the needs caused by the pandemic.
Abril 2021

International Trademark Registration

With a significant increase in export volume, EcoRefurb decided to register its brand internationally, to add value to its national registration and to make all its customers feel even more confident in their products.

Post-Covid-19 Innovation

After the pandemic, EcoRefurb decided to renew its strategy in order to focus even more on the needs of its customers. The expansion of export capacity has led to an increase in the volume of orders and a more secure presence on the market.

National and International Marketplaces

EcoRefurb strives to give its consumers confidence, with its vast presence on various national marketplaces. We also operate with international marketplaces, through official sellers of our brand.

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