The Process

Giving a new life to an equipment is a process that requires a lot of accuracy and precision!

Throughout our experience, we learned to continuously improve our processes and procedures, we qualified our teams and we dared to learn from other business partners. All of this because we want to deliver, to the second owner, a product that is in no way inferior to a new product, except in price!

Optical Test and Classification
We only work with perfect devices, classified as Grade A.
Cleaning and Optical Treatment
Each equipment is intensively cleaned from the inside to the outside, with specific cleaning agents and techniques. This way, any possible dirt and dust are completely removed. Any broken or missing parts are replaced.
Professional Data Formatting
This process aims to ensure that all files are completely deleted. When necessary, we replace the storage components.
Production Department
We use a specific and innovative software that assures the quality of the components. At this stage, and if necessary, we update the product with new hard drives or memory to ensure the desired performance.
Final Installation and Testing
The Microsoft operating system is installed, as well as the corresponding drivers for each device. Accessories such as power supplies, batteries or cables are also tested.
All components are protected, conditioned and packed in a new box. The order is dispatched through our carriers.

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